Independent Expert Company

"Independent Expert Company" took out a sertificate ISO 9001:2000

January 14, 2003 – For the first time in Russia the company engaged in an independent expert appraisal of forest products, has received the international certificate of conformity of a control system of quality to the International Standard ISО 9001 in edition of 2000. In December, 2002 the group of experts of the Centre of tests and certifications - from Gosstandart of Russia "Test - St-Petersburg" checked Quality control system of of the Joint-Stock Company "Independent Expert Company". The result of check was that on the 27th December, 2002 year "Independent Expert Company" took out the certificate of conformity which certifies that the system of management quality with reference to services in examination (inspection) of conformity of quantity and quality of forest products to specifications of contracts corresponds to requirements of GOST Р ИСО 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000).

This kind of certification is directed to activity of the company as a whole. Confirmation compliance of the processes functioning in the company, will allow clients of "Independent Expert Company" Ltd. to be sure in the declared services quality level. Introduction in the organization the model of ensuring of quality guarantees uninterrupted functioning processes, orientation to the client and, as consequence, stable quality of carried out services. Besides the system of quality also provides constant self-improvement that gives the client additional confidence of reliability of the firm.

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