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February 6, 2013

New forwarder takes the lead among 20-tonners

Komatsu Forest's new Komatsu 895 forwarder takes the definition of a 20-ton forwarder to a whole new level. The entire construction is sturdier and its performance is higher in just about every area.

One example is the new sturdy chassis design and power train. The shape of the frame, the high-tensile steel of the underside of the rear frame, and the bogie's portal design provide very good ground clearance and cope well with obstacles. The boat-shaped underside prevents the forwarder from catching on high rocks and stumps, allowing it to simply glide over them. The new, sturdier front blade can be raised extra high, contributing to the ability to pass obstacles. The new modular frame design enables the Komatsu 895 to be assembled with four different frame lengths to suit different market needs.

The new power train is adapted for 20-ton forwarders. The new, green E3 Power engine delivers high performance with good handling characteristics combined with effective combustion for low fuel consumption


The new transmission system adapts to the load, slopes, and any obstacles. This means that the system automatically adjusts the traction and provides high torque at low engine speeds.

The operator can adjust the continuously variable speed range for both high and low gear without stopping the machine.

In order to better utilize the diesel engine's performance and to improve the new forwarder's handling in steep terrain, the transmission can further increase traction when the going gets tough and speed drops. This enables the forwarder to climb obstacles with considerable ease compared to machines with the previous generation of hydrostatic transmission systems.

The wheels on the Komatsu 895 measure 28.5", which is larger than on a...Read All

March 30, 2012

A new generation of Forwarders

Komatsu Forest takes another giant step in the development of forwarders. Two brand new forwarders, Komatsu 855 and Komatsu 865, now take the forwarders to a new level. With a new engine, new transmission, new cab and also a whole host of other new f...Read All

December 16, 2011

Fuel-efficient Thinning Machine Refined

Komatsu's true thinning expert is now available in a new version, the Komatsu 901TX.1, which with the new E3-Power engine concept is as good for the environment as it is for productivity and fuel efficiency. The Komatsu 901TX.1 features the new E3...Read All

June 16, 2011

Komatsu Forest отмечает 50 лет

В этом году Komatsu Forest празднует свой пятидесятый юбилей. Разработка лесозаготовительных машин была начата в 1961 г. в г. Тампере, Финляндия и г. Умео, Швеция под торговыми марками Valmet Metsäkoneet и Umea Mekaniska Verkstad. На протяжен...Read All

May 31, 2011

Komatsu Forest достигает успеха на новых рынках

В ряде стран спрос на лесную технику в настоящее время достаточно высок, хотя наибольший скачок спроса прослеживается на относительно новых рынках, таких как Россия, Индонезия, и Южная Америка. Помимо других рынков, за недавнее время компания Komatsu...Read All

January 26, 2011

Valmet становится Komatsu

Уже в течение семи лет корпорация Komatsu является владельцем производителя лесных машин Komatsu Forest, уделяя особое внимание улучшению качества продукции. Пришло время сделать новый шаг. Название техники Valmet изменяется на Komatsu, но фирменный...Read All

October 27, 2010

Новый вице-президент по маркетингу Komatsu Forest (лесная техника Valmet)

Тимо Юлянен был назначен вице-президентом по маркетингу в Komatsu Forest. Ранее данную должность занимал Тошия Ясукава, который закончит свою работу весной в связи с уходом на пенсию. Тимо Юлянену 47 лет и его родной город – Тампере, Финляндия. Он...Read All

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