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24.12.13, Lesprom Network

Kondopoga can reduce 1,500 employees

Kondopoga pulp and paper mill (Kondopoga, Karelia, Russia) can reduce 1,500 employees, according to CEO Dmitry Turkevych. "Our estimates show, that management of plant is ready to ensure the smooth operation of the state at 3.5 thousand emp... Read All

26.11.13, Lesprom Network

Kondopoga to resume production at PM 10

Kondopoga (Kondopoga, Karelia, Russia) currently stopped paper machines № 1, № 4 and № 10, according to Lesprom Network. Paper machines № 10 was stopped on November 18 due to preventive maintenance, but it will resume production on November... Read All

15.11.13, Lesprom Network

Kondopoga’s net loss increased by 5% to RUB 1.82 billion ($55.7 million) in January-September 2013

During the first nine months of 2013, Kondopoga’s (Kondopoga, Republic of Karelia, Russia) net loss increased by 5%, amounting to RUB 1.82 billion ($55.7 million), as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network. Revenu... Read All

27.12.12, Lesprom Network

Kondopoga furloughed 40% employees

On December 25, 2012 the management of Kondopoga (Karelia) has issued an order to furlough 2.4 thousand employees (40% of the company) because of the difficult financial situation at the plant, as Deputy Minister of Labor of the Republic Mikhail Ann... Read All

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