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MoveRoll Oy is a global supplier of roll handling equipment for the pulp and paper industry.

MoveRoll to launch revolutionary Kicker

April 28, 2014 – In two years of intense development work, we rethought and challenged the way how conventional hydraulic and pneumatic Kickers work: The result is our patented MoveRoll® Kicker. Curious to find out what makes the highly anticipated MoveRoll® Kicker superior to traditional Kickers?

We will reveal the distinguishing features of MoveRoll® Kicker during the North-American product launch at PaperCon 2014 in Nashville and during the European product launch at PulPaper 2014 in Helsinki.

Make sure to stop by our booth to find out why we are convinced that MoveRoll® Kicker will revolutionize the way paper rolls are kicked!

For further information, please contact:

Шапарова Наталья
358 45 8889646

MoveRoll Oy

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