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MoveRoll Oy is a global supplier of roll handling equipment for the pulp and paper industry.
10:39, April 28, 2014

Reducing cost through innovation - Customer Success Story

In 2010, the paper mill Savon Sellu from Kuopio automated its packing line.The turnkey project, run by Saimatec in collaboration with MoveRoll, yielded a good return: For example maintenance costs, labour costs, process waste have been reduced.

More than three years later, we talked to Savon Sellu's Maintenance Manager, Riiko Ahonen, and took a look back at the project. Read our customer success story and find out how installing MoveRoll® conveyor helped Savon Sellu saving cost through innovation.

To read the full customer story about the paper mill Savon Sellu from Kuopio, please follow the link:

10:33, April 28, 2014

MoveRoll to launch revolutionary Kicker

In two years of intense development work, we rethought and challenged the way how conventional hydraulic and pneumatic Kickers work: The result is our patented MoveRoll® Kicker. Curious to find out what makes the highly anticipated MoveRoll® Kicker s...Read All

14:44, January 22, 2014

Revolution in the paper industry

Based in Finland with operations worldwide, MoveRoll Oy has invented a unique way to convey paper rolls. This new roll handling solution has dramatically changed the level of safety and energy consumption in paper mills says Mikko Rantanen, MoveRoll'...Read All

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