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Ust-Pokshenga LPH, LLC and Titan’s section in Svetly start selective cutting in Northern Dvina-Pinega interfluve

June 19, 2017 – To preserve the ecosystem and its environment protection function, Titan Group's logging company, Ust-Pokshenga LPH and its section in the Svetly settlement have commenced selective cutting activities in the interfluve area of the Northern Dvina and Pinega rivers.

This final cutting technique involves harvesting mature timber to prevent over maturing and remove weakened, old or damaged trees to revitalise the forest ecosystem. Selective cutting strictly adheres to preserving an uneven-aged structure, maintaining stand stability, productivity and soil fertility.

It should be mentioned that Titan’s companies based in the southern districts of the Arkhangelsk region and Pinezhyeles LLC use selective cutting since early 2000's. Selective cutting is carried out by Ust-Pokshenga LPH and the section in Svetly on a forest area of over 450 ha, or over 20,000 m³. The total area of selective cutting by Titan Group in 2017 will exceed 4,500 ha of forest land or more than 200,000 m3.

According to Titan Group's Director for Logging Companies Operations Control, Mr.Aleksey Kruptsov, all of the Group's logging companies pursue sustainable forest management policies and minimising the environmental impact. These principles apply to the complete process and operating cycle (harvesting and transportation of timber). For instance, if any rare animal or plant species are discovered in a leased area, Titan's logging companies establish a limited forest use regime and enter all endangered plant and animal species on cutting charts.

The Group is one of the leaders in the scope of forest restoration activities in Russia. 18.1 million rubles was allocated for regeneration of forests in 2016. Titan has carried out forest restoration work on an area of 13,109 ha. Over 1.6 million of pine and spruce seedlings have been planted. 830,000 pine and spruce seedlings were grown in 2016 at the spruce and pine seedling nursery of Shalakushales LLC in Nyandoma district.

All of the 3.2 million ha of forest (area of forest sections) managed by the company are certified to the International Standards of the Forest Stewardship Council, FSC™.

Titan Group would like to emphasise once more that the Group is not only actively engaged in the development of sustainable forest management methods for the leased forest areas together with the environmental organisations, but most importantly continues to be committed to all the signed moratorium agreements for conservation of virgin forests.

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Milena Awada
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Group of companies "Titan" - one of the largest operators of forest in the northwestern Federal district.

Established in 1990.

In "Titan" includes 8 logging enterprises, LLC "Belomorskaya splavnaya company" (transporting the timber), and also the largest sawmill company in the North-West of Russia - JSC "Lesozavod-25".

Allowable cut is 3.2 million m3.

GC "Titan" employs more than 4 thousand inhabitants of the Arkhangelsk region.

Annually tax payments to budgets of all levels, dues to extra-budgetary funds exceed $ 1 billion.

The annual investment in socio-economic development of municipal formations of the region is about 100 million.

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