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Woodworking reversible knife50*12*1.5

169 / шт
Товар: #232939681

Woodworking reversible knife50*12*1.5

169 / шт
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Условия поставки: Чэнду (Китай)


Product Description: 

1.Tungsten carbide reversible knives for woodworking ,with more than 27 procedures from raw materials to every elaborate ones include: grinding, sintering, heat treatment.etc technology.

2.we guarantee the quality and meanwhile The hardness and  toughness will be promised by special heat treat technology .Chengdu Fengke Cemented Carbide Technology, No.1 woodworking tungsten carbide  producer in China.

3.Produced with advanced equipments and process

4.Elaborate packing forms make sure the goods won’t be damaged during transportation and in stock.

 Fit for portable electric planers and wooodworking planing machines.mainly used in machining wood and wood based materials, plastics, composites, ferrous

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Чэнду (Сычуань, Китай)