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Multiple-blade circular saws MRS-175 (Taiwan)

US$11 904 / pcs
Supplier: Kolyada Trade offer: #237865537

Multiple-blade circular saws MRS-175 (Taiwan)

US$11 904 / pcs
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We sell reliable and high-performance multi-saw machine with crawler feed MRS-175 (Taiwan)
* Maximum cutting height 175 mm
* Maximum saw diameter 455 mm
* Saw shaft diameter 75 mm
* Saw shaft speed 2500 rpm
* Feed rate 5-25 m/min (inverter)
* Year of issue 2011. In work about a year. Condition is excellent. The machine is connected, you can see in the Krasnobakovsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region. A small bargain is possible after the inspection. Possible exchange for lumber, wood, balances.


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Company from Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
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Speaks languages: English, Russian

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Name of product Hewsaw R260 Sawline Multi-sawed single-shaft machine MOS 220 Multiple-blade circular saws MRS-175 (Taiwan) Cylindrical single-shaft machine BOS 600 Sawmill PDU2
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