Baykovskiy A.I., IP

About company

Finger Joined Glued Components
from 50 to 100 employees


Russia 215800, Smolensk Region, Yartsevo, Ozerischenskoe Lesnichestvo 8

Trade profile

We sell

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Solid wood components

Stair treads

Pellets, Firewood, Wood residues

Pellets, Briquettes, Firewood, Charcoal

Wood Briquettes

Flooring and Exterior Decking

Solid wood flooring

Solid Wood Decking

Furniture and Garden wood products

Interior furniture

Dining room furniture
Dining tables
Kitchen furniture
Kitchen tables

We buy

Lumber and Structural Timber

Lumber, Sawn Timber

Lumber, Stud, Plank
Joinery Board

Logs & Forestlands


Veneer logs

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