G & E Biofuel Trading

About company

Energy production from biofuels
Founded 2006
from 10 to 50 employees


Ukraine 79043, Lvov Region, Lvov, lvov oblast ukraine

Trade profile

We sell

Pellets, Firewood, Wood residues

Pellets, briquets, charcoal

Wood pellets
Wood Briquettes
Wood charcoal
Charcoal briquettes
Sunflower husk pellets
Sunflower husk briquettes
Rice husk pellets
Peat pellets
Peat briquettes
Straw briquettes


Firewood not cleaved
Firewood cleaved

Wood chips, sawdust, wood flour

Wood chips from logging
Wood chips from sawmilling
Wood flour
Wood saw dust
Wood shavings

Pallet, Packaging timber

Sawn timber

Pallet timber
Packaging timber

Pallets, packaging

EPAL Euro pallet
US Standard Pallet
Chemical Pallet (CP)
Special use Pallet
One-way Pallet
Pallet for food
Half pallet
Box pallets
Pallet collars
Presswood pallet
Pallet lid
Wooden crate
Wine box
Wooden cable drum

More information

G & E Biofuel Trading. are the largest and longest established Ukraine wood pellet delivery specialists based in the Ukraine. 95% of what we distribute is grown, harvested and processed in Ukraine. We are proud to support local jobs and the economy. Based in Stavropihiis’ka St we deliver nationwide, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding delivery within your area.

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