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28.06.05, Lesprom Network

FELIX to boost plywood production by 33% to 2 thousand cub m/month

FELIX (Moscow, Russia) intends to increase plywood production 33% to 2 thousand cub m/month. The company is currently producing 1.5 thousand cub m/month. The increase in production will be reached through the modernization and reconstruction of Zhar... Read All

01.09.04, Lesprom Network

Russian Felix introduced MBS-AXAPTA enterprise management system

Russian Felix finished the 1st stage of the new MBS-AXAPTA enterprise management system launch, corporate spokesperson told Lesprom.ru. After MBS-AXAPTA was introduced on Felix furniture mills, raw materials consumption declined and the remains o... Read All

18.05.04, Lesprom Network

Russian furniture industry production increased 17% annually on average in 1999-2003

Russian furniture industry production increased 17% annually on average during 1999-2003, Felix company public-affairs quoting the research prepared by Pro-Invest Consulting reported. The following factors contributed to the industry growth: a co... Read All

11.03.04, Lesprom Network

Russian Felix Company Opened an Office in Germany

In early March 2004 Russian Felix furniture company opened 2 offices abroad: the United Arab Emirates (Sez-Jebel-Ali) and Germany (Berlin). The company intends to develop dealer’s network in Europe, North Africa and Middle East. The company is ab... Read All

06.11.03, Lesprom Network

Felix Furniture Mill Purchased a Timber Procession Mill in Tver-Region

Felix furniture mill purchased a timber-processing mill in Tver-rgion 450 km away from The mill occupies a site of 24 hectares, buildings occupy 35 thousand sq m. The company will spend $3 million on the production reconstruction. Next year the co... Read All

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