21.07.21, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply first mass timber CLT plant in Uruguay

Ledinek to supply first mass timber CLT plant in Tacuarembó, Uruguay. In March 2021, businessmen Mark Crandall from the United States and Matías Abergo (Enkel Group) from Uruguay confirmed the arrival of Arboreal by acquiring 100% of Frutifor Lumber ... Read All

06.07.21, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply CLT-production line to Mosser Leimholz GmbH in Austria

A pioneering investment has recently been initiated by Mosser Leimholz GmbH and the order for a complete cross-laminated timber production line was placed with Ledinek. At the Randegg site in Austria the new production line will go into operation in ... Read All

07.06.21, Lesprom Network

Ledinek installs new CLT production line for Ante in Germany

Ledinek installs new CLT production line for Ante in in Bromskirchen-Somplar, Germany. The assembly is currently in full swing and will soon be completed. Ledinek will supply everything from the raw wood infeed to transporting the raw CLT elements t... Read All

25.05.21, Lesprom Network

Ledinek launches new oscillating belt sanding unit

Ledinek upgrades its high-performance planing systems for demanding final processing of finger jointed solid wood beams and glulam beams, which now also enables the final surface processing of up to 1.250 mm wide CLT elements with the required Reside... Read All

09.11.20, Lesprom Network

Stora Enso puts into operation Z-Press for CLT cross layers at Ybbs sawmill in Austria

Despite Covid-19 and the consequencing difficult conditions, a complete CLT cross-layer system with a new Z-press CL was assembled on time and on schedule at Stora Enso in Ybbs, Austria. This system is specially designed for the quick and easy produc... Read All

08.06.20, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply equipment for Ante Group in Germany

Germany's Ante Group produces CLT elements for walls and ceilings under the HBS Berga brand. Ante has been supplying its customers with products such as sawn timber, planed goods, KVH, glulam and CNC joinery for home and garden needs as well as ecolo... Read All

03.06.20, Lesprom Network

Ledinek delivered equipment to Sokol Timber Company in Russia

Ledinek Engineering started to deliver equipment to Sokol Timber Company for their finger jointing line which is a part of the complex line for the production of glue lam beams. Sokol Timber Company is a company belonging to Segezha Group, one of the... Read All

16.04.20, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply production line for Södra's CLT facility in Sweden

Last year, Södra decided to invest in an additional CLT facility at Värö, Sweden and aims to become a leader in the Nordic region. Project planning and procurement is ongoing and Södra has now selected Ledinek as the supplier of a new production line... Read All

10.03.20, Lesprom Network

Ledinek delivered world's biggest log planer to Polar life haus in Finland

Ledinek delivered the world's biggest log planer to Polar life haus in Finland. With maximal width of 600 mm and maximal thickness of 600 mm, the new planer can machine even the largest log beams in one pass. Rigid heavy frame, high motor power and ... Read All

20.02.20, Lesprom Network

Ledinek delivered largest planer for glulam in its history

Ledinek built and delivered the largest planer for glulam in its history. The maximum planing width is 3.000 mm and the planing height goes up to 610 mm. This means that both very wide and curved object beams can be planed. Block gluing for columns ... Read All

25.11.19, Lesprom Network

Ukrainian Holding Sawmilling Company to begin CLT production this month

Ukrainian Holding Sawmilling Company (UHLK) runs trials at its new CLT production line in Ukraine. UHLK placed an order with Ledinek for a CLT line, the contract was signed in summer 2018 and currently trial running of the equipment is taking place o... Read All

13.11.19, Lesprom Network

Södra Wood invests in pilot plant for CLT production in Väröbacka, Sweden

Södra Wood invested into a pilot plant for CLT production in Väröbacka, Sweden, as Ledinek said in the press release received by Lesprom Network. As Södra operates their own saw mills the utilisation of different timber sizes and grades is also ... Read All

01.07.19, Lesprom Network

Chris Kalesnikoff on how to use of hybrid with mass timber and concrete in future buildings

By the end of 2019 Canadian company Kalesnikoff Lumber is starting the production of the glulam and the CLT – in 2020. Chris Kalesnikoff, Chief Operating Officer says that the opening of the new facility is going to bring the company on a new product... Read All

10.06.19, Lesprom Network

Segezha Group acquired a full set of equipment for new CLT plant in Sokol, Russia

Segezha Group of Forest Industry Companies (part of Sistema JSFC) has acquired a full range of equipment for future CLT production site in Vologda region, Russia, as the company said in the press release received by Lesprom Network.Sokol CLT LLC, the... Read All

20.03.19, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply new CLT production line to Splitkon in Åmot, Norway

Splitkon AS from Åmot in Norway has invested in new industrial production for large format cross laminated timber panels. The line is in the commissioning stage and will shortly start to supply the domestic market with high quality CLT panels. Ledine... Read All

28.01.19, Lesprom Network

Ledinek to supply two finger jointing machines to Segezha Group’s subsidiary in Vologda, Russia

Ledinek will supply two finger jointing machines to Segezha Group’s Sokol CLT in Vologda, Russia. The line which will be supplied by Ledinek includes two finger jointing machines: Kontizink with the feed speed of 120 m/min for production of vertical ... Read All

10.04.18, Lesprom Network

Cypress Sunadaya starts production with the first Ledinek CLT production line in Japan

The Japanese wood building materials supplier Sunadaya officially opened their new manufacturing facilities with a CLT production line just outside the city of Saijo. Ledinek supplied to Sunadaya the entire CLT line including the X Press 12 press, th... Read All

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