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Market networks, and online marketplaces
Founded 2000
from 10 to 50 employees


Russia 115419, Moscow, Ordzhonikidze, 11
+7 499 6535608
+7 499 6535650

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Lesprom Network marketplace unites over 100,000 registered members from all over the world. Business owners, executives and professionals use Lesprom Network tools to accelerate business development. Thousands of companies post their offers for the sale of wood products and requests to purchase on the marketplace. Lesprom Network's innovative technologies form a unique ecosystem that helps wood based companies stay ahead of the competition: the marketplace, the industry's most responsive analytics and news, the largest supplier base for wood products and the industry's only community of professionals from around the world. Lesprom Network is your springboard for rapidly growing export sales in the highest priced markets.

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