Loret Enterprise

Loret Enterprise


  • Founded in 1996
  • Exporters
  • 70 thousand cubic meters per year
  • from 100 to 200 employees

Location Ukraine 12700, Zhytomyr Oblast, Zhytomyr, Lesi Ukrainki, 7

The leading Ukrainian manufacture and timber exporting company Loret Ent.

The Loret Ent. company mainly specializes on following types of timber logs:

- Beech;
- Spruce;
- Pine;
- Fir;
- Oak;
- Ash white;
- And others.

The most popular for our foreign partners is the Beech, Spruce and Pine roundwood logs.

Our company has industrial possibilities to supply the roundwood logs, in following volumes: 100-15000 CBM per month of each breed of timber logs.

Ukrainian company Loret Ent.
Ukraine, Zhytomyr region, Baranivka district, city Baranivka, street Lesi Ukrainki 7
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact telephone: +(380) 977426046; Fax: +(380) 412342566.