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Glulam beams houses
Founded 1994
from 10 to 50 employees


Russia 143393, Moscow Region, Simbuhovo, Dorohovskaya ul.,1

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The advantages of the company "NARHOZSTROEM"

22 years of excellent work in the market of wooden housing construction.

Provide a full range of services – from design to construction of "turnkey".

Individual approach to each customer.

Own factory of the European level, stable, long-term partnerships with suppliers and


High production, exacting standards for quality, wide range

of products (more than 30 types of wall materials).

Key benefits of working towards customer – openness, honesty and cooperation.

Use only cutting-edge, innovative technology.

A team of professionals, leading experts working in the company for more than 10 years, constant training and

retraining of personnel.

Best price offers in the segment of wooden housing construction.

A guarantee of quality.

RAW materials

As raw materials we acquire lumber of softwood (pine, spruce, cedar, larch)

exclusively from ecologically clean Northern regions of the country winter preparations. Northern forest

much tighter in its structure, extreme cold and long winter make the movement of the SAP in the trunk

the growing tree during the year minimum in consequence of which increases the density of the fibers.

The materials are accepted and selected by strict requirements, each Board is checked for

geometrical dimensions and rate of humidity.

In the spring and autumn period, the billet is processed antiseptic compounds

the dipping process, this is done in order to exclude a negative impact on the tree.

The storage material is produced in special warehouses where it is constantly

maintained the required temperature and humidity conditions.

RAW materials

We apply one of the best Italian drying complex "Incoplan". The capacity of the two

drying chamber is 240 cubic metres, the wood moisture content is reduced to 10-12% .

The whole drying process is automated, the control of humidity, temperature and air circulation

is carried out by computer for a given program. On the remote access technician

drying chambers fully controls the drying of wood.

Our workshop for production of laminated veneer lumber is equipped with an automatic wetting - it is one of the

the basic conditions for its functioning.


When gluing, measure the moisture content of each Board. Without exaggeration – it each.

In our company there are two kinds of the technical control of the joining process:

Own technical control company "Narhozstroem"

Control specialists company AkzoNobel (Sweden). Twice a month, without warning us of your

visit our partners come to us for manufacture and test all stages of production of dry gummed


We are unlike other companies after the first redoubt of the workpiece necessarily reveal and eliminate

possible defects of wood.


We remove the stress produced in the lamellae, the length of the blank does not exceed one meter, it

a prerequisite of compliance technology.

We are the only company on the Russian market, which uses for bonding timber with a

environmentally friendly and durable adhesive new generation of the Swedish company Akzo Nobel,

a recognized leader in its market segment. The adhesive complies with the European standards in the field

materials in direct contact with food products or its components not only

harmless to health, but also durable.

The structural adhesive, is significantly superior to their counterparts on indicators such as tensile, fracture,

the humidity. We use glue is more expensive than the clay used by most

building organizations for the wall materials. We do not skimp on the adhesive systems, because

proper gluing is the guarantee of quality and durability. We used adhesive systems Akzo Nobel have

complete package of the European certificates.

In our Arsenal gluing machine is a new generation of the Swedish company Akzo Nobel, the only

Russia. This mechanism completely eliminates adjustment of the glue supply man. There are sensors

measuring the moisture content of the material and premises, temperature sensors, speed and pressure of the adhesive. All this

the information is sent to the control computer and the program itself decides how to apply the glue and

hardener per 1 m2. The human factor is excluded completely.

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