Norados Oy

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Founded 2001
from 1 to 10 employees


Finland 49460, Hamina, Tanttutie, 6

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Havesa Components Oy will start up a gluelam factory in March 2007.

The factory is equipped with state of the art production technology developed especially for the requirements of timber markets. Carefully selected Nordic whitewood is used as the raw material, and it comes from the company sawmills – right next doors.

Grading is done by strength-grading equipment meeting current European standards. Qualification of the products (and thus also the CE-mark) is effective immediately everywhere in Europe.

Havesa Components products include:

- straight Finnish gluelam beams and studs

- straight European gluelam beams and studs

- Two or three-layered beams

The factory provides these items for sale in Europe quickly and flexibly:

- standard gluelam beams for retail purposes

- work site specifications for constructors

- house factory material

Gluelam forms a growing construction material segment.

The production capacity of Havesa Components Oy is 90.000 m3 / year. We operate internationally.

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