19.09.14, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer reports 6.3% turnover increase in 1H 2014

The Pfleiderer GmbH turnover increased by 6.3 % to Euro 486.4 million in first half of 2014, in comparison to the same period of the previous year. Both business units, Core West (Western Europe) and Core East (Eastern Europe) were able to increa... Read All

20.03.14, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer FY 2013 sales down by 2.7%

Pfleiderer’s consolidated sales in 2013 of Euro 928.3 million were 2.7% below the previous year’s value of Euro 954.1 million. This means the group has managed to maintain its position in what was once again a difficult market environment. In the... Read All

22.07.11, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer shareholders approve capital cut and capital increase

The shareholders of Pfleiderer AG at shareholders’ meeting approved with a 93.3 % majority a capital cut and a subsequent capital increase of up to Euro 100 million. 44.2 % of share capital was represented at the shareholders’ meeting. The sharehold... Read All

13.05.11, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer signs final agreement with creditors

Pfleiderer AG has agreed with its creditors on the financial details of the Group’s restructuring. The relevant contracts have been signed by all the creditors. The contents of the contracts are in accordance with the key points announced on April 2... Read All

06.04.11, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer appointed Hans-Joachim Ziems as a new member of Executive Board

The Supervisory Board of Pfleiderer AG has decided to appoint Hans-Joachim Ziems as a new member of the company’s Executive Board with responsibility for restructuring with immediate effect. In this position, Mr. Ziems is the successor to Ernst Pelz... Read All

18.01.11, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer develops Balance-Board

During the BAU 2011 exhibition Pfleiderer AG will be presenting their new material for the first time - Balance-Board. With up to 30% made up of raw material which grows back quickly in place of wood, BalanceBoard is really setting the benchmark for... Read All

22.12.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer signs standstill agreement with its banks

Pfleiderer AG is receiving support from its lending banks with its restructuring process. As a first step, the company has signed a standstill agreement with its banks in this context, which is valid until March 31, 2011. All lending banks have agre... Read All

16.12.10, Lesprom Network

Supervisory Board of Pfleiderer approves closure of the Ebersdorf and Nidda plants in Germany

Pfleiderer AG has agreed to the closure of the particleboard plant in Ebersdorf and the MDF plant in Nidda, as proposed by the Executive Board. The closures will affect around 300 employees at the locations concerned and in the administrative office... Read All

14.12.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer expands board

The Supervisory Board of Pfleiderer AG strengthens the Executive Board which up to now consisted of Hans H. Overdiek, Pawel Wyrzykowski and Heiko Graeve. With immediate effect, Ernst Pelzer takes on the newly created board position for Restructuring... Read All

03.12.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer signs internationally applicable social charter to guarantee minimum working conditions

In Frankfurt am Main Pfleiderer AG signed an international framework agreement with its European Employee Council, the German Metalworkers’ Trade Union (IG Metall) and the International Confederation of Construction Workers and Woodworkers (BHI). In... Read All

09.11.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer to close Ebersdorf and Nidda plants in Germany

Due to market overcapacity for raw particleboard and raw MDF, the management of Pfleiderer Holzwerkstoffe GmbH, a subsidiary of Pfleiderer AG, has commenced discussions with the respective employee councils concerning the closure of the particleboar... Read All

11.10.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer permanently shuts down plant in Gschwend, Germany

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board of Pfleiderer AG have approved the decision of the management of Business Center Western Europe to permanently shut down the production plant in Gschwend, Germany. The reason for this decision is the sha... Read All

19.08.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer's 2Q revenue rose by 7.3% to Euro 381.4 million

Pfleiderer's 2Q revenue rose by 7.3% to Euro 381.4 million from the 1Q to the 2Q. Revenue posted for the first half of this year of Euro 737 million is 6.4% higher than in the same period of 2009. Half of this increase resulted from exchange-rate ef... Read All

11.05.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer reported 1Q revenue of Euro 355.6 million

Pfleiderer AG generated 1Q revenue of Euro 355.6 million, which is very close to the Euro 358 million of the prior-year period. The proportion of revenue generated outside Germany was 70.9%, compared with 70.6% in the first quarter of last year. Com... Read All

22.03.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer Group’s revenue fell by 20.4% to Euro 1.38 billion in 2009

The Pfleiderer Group’s revenue fell by 20.4% from Euro 1.74 billion in 2008 to Euro 1.38 billion in 2009, company said in a statement received by Lesprom Network. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell to Eu... Read All

12.03.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer AG received notifications of accusations and hearings from Germany’s Federal Antitrust Authority

In the context of an investigation relating to possible violations of antitrust law, offices were searched at Pfleiderer AG, at some of its subsidiaries, and at some competing companies on March 4, 2009, company said in a statement received by Lespr... Read All

10.02.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer AG places capital increase of 10%

Pfleiderer AG has placed 5,332,600 new shares out of a share capital increase against cash contributions, which was decided upon by the Executive Board and received the approval of the Supervisory Board, company said in a press release received by L... Read All

11.01.10, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer AG secures long-term financing

Pfleiderer AG has agreed with approximately 30 banks on the conditions of long-term and secure corporate financing. The package in a total volume of approximately Euro 800 million will be available until the end of 2013, the company said in a press ... Read All

15.12.09, Lesprom Network

Uniboard's Quebec plant earns FSC certification

Uniboard, a subsidiary of Pfleiderer AG, has had its Canadian fiberboard plant in Mont-Laurier, Québec, certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the company said in a press release received by Lesprom Netw... Read All

15.12.09, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer appointed Dr. Hans-Kurt von Werder as CTO

In connection with the discontinuation of the Executive Board area of responsibility of Technology & Plants/ Operations at Pfleiderer AG, Dr. Hans-Kurt von Werder is to take charge with immediate effect of the new headquarters department of Group Te... Read All

24.11.09, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer's 3Q revenue increased by 3.8% to Euro 347.3 million

Panels manufacturer Pfleiderer AG has reported a revival business in both western and eastern Europe during the 3Q. The Neumarkt-based manufacturer recorded 3Q earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) of Euro 26.4 millio... Read All

11.11.09, Lesprom Network

Dr. Robert Hopperdietzel to step down from Pfleiderer's Executive Board

Due to the planned streamlining and realignment of the entire organizational structure of Pfleiderer AG, Dr. Robert Hopperdietzel has decided to step down from his position as an Executive Board member with effect as of November 15, 2009, as the com... Read All

25.08.09, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer’s first half of 2009 revenue and earnings both down

With the presentation of its half-year figures, Pfleiderer AG has confirmed that it was unable to fulfill the financial covenants agreed upon with its creditor banks, Woodpanels Online reported. The company already indicated this possibility in the ... Read All

14.07.09, Lesprom Network

Personnel changes at Pfleiderer

The communication structure and corresponding responsibilities at Pfleiderer AG and its Business Center Western Europe have been redefined with immediate effect, Wood Panels Online reported. Business Center Western Europe now has its own media conta... Read All

30.06.09, Lesprom Network

Pfleiderer to hold discussions with banks

Wood based panels manufacturer Pfleiderer will start financing discussions with its banks after warning of a significant fall in earnings, WBPI reported. The company said it no longer anticipated a continuation of the business revival indicated d... Read All

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