Qualtim, Inc.

Qualtim, Inc.


  • Founded in 1989
  • Consulting
  • from 50 to 100 employees
  • Products

    Solid wood flooring
    • Parquet
    • Solid Wood Decking
    Engineered Wood Flooring
    • 1 Strip Flooring
    • 3 Strip Flooring
    • Wear Layer for Multilayer Parquet
    Laminate flooring
    • Laminated flooring
    Exterior decking
    • Anti-slip decking
    Wooden kitchen utensils
    • Wooden Drink Stirrers
    • Wood Cutting Boards

Location United States 53719, Wisconsin, Madison

Qualtim, Inc. is a technical marketing company formed in 1989. Qualtim’s field of work focuses on structural building components and includes association management within the Structural Building Components industry including WTCA -- Representing the Structural Building Components Industry, Engineeed Wood Products Assocaition, Cold Formed Steel Council, Building Component Manufacturers Conference, Carbeck Stuctural Components Institute, Structusal Building Components Research Institute, as well as product evaluation and testing, marketing and product development, development of product brochures, evaluation of fire performance of engineered wood products, and forensic engineering. Qualtim has extensive experience in quality assurance, product testing, market research, sales, seminar presentations, international business development, and business management.