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Location Russia 662520, Krasnoyarsk Region, Krasnoyarsk, Ayvazovskogo 57, korpus 3

You are welcomed by LLC "RSI" - we are a manufacturer of window beams with 15 years of experience. Our company is based in Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory. We supply our products to the domestic market and for export with the help of our transport company.
We produce products from Siberian larch in the following grades and sizes:
1. Window beam, Grade AE, size 84 x 86 x 800-6000 mm.
2. Window beam - IMPOST, Grade AE, size 84 x 115 x 800-6000 mm.
3. Window beam - SPLUED, Grade B (without wane), size 84 x 86 x 800-6000 mm.
4. Window beam - MULTIPLE SPLUED, Grade B (without wane), size 84 x 115 x 800-6000 mm.
We make non-standard sizes according to the customer's order.
Write your suggestions, we will calculate the logistics and price (depending on the volume). The fence of our products is carried out in Krasnoyarsk and Moscow, we can also deliver to the border and form a logistical up-to-date algorithm to any country in the world.