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About company

Paper bags
Founded 2014
more than 5000 employees


Russia 115432, Moscow, prospekt Andropova 18, building 9
+7 (833) 246-10-84
+7 499 9628200

Trade profile

We sell

Lumber and Structural Timber

Lumber, Sawn Timber

Lumber, Stud, Plank
Joinery Board

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Wood house

Timber frame house
Rounded log house
Square milled log house
Structural panel house
Garden Cabins

Pulp, paper and cardboard

Sack paper
Paper bag
Paper bag water-proof

More information

Segezha Group is a Russian wood processing group with the largest vertically-integrated structure and a full cycle of lumbering and wood substantial transformation. The holding includes more than 60 enterprises timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry, paper packaging enterprises. The enterprises of Segezha Group are located in seven regions of Russia – Karelia, Kirov, Vologda, Rostov, Krasnoyarsk and Arkhangelsk region, Perm region and 11 countries of Europe.

Main products: paper sacks for industrial and consumer segments, sack paper, imitation greaseproof (parchment imitation), confirous sownwood, birch plywood, particle boards, MDF, glued beam / wood house.

The Group includes such companies as Segezha Packaging (Europe, Turkey, Russia), Segezha Pulp and Paper Mill, Sokol Pulp and Paper Mill, Vyatka Plywood Mill, Karelia DSP, Onega Sawmills, Segezha Sawmills, Lesosibirsky LDK, Sokol Timber Company, as well as numerous forestry enterprises.

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