Konsulttitoimisto Seppo Hoffren Consultancy

Konsulttitoimisto Seppo Hoffren Consultancy


  • Founded in 1981
  • Consulting
  • from 50 to 100 employees

Location Finland 70100, Kuopio, Käsityökatu 40

Seppo Hoffrén Consultancy operates with the aim of helping its clients, primarily small and medium-sized companies, to succeed.

It realises this aim by producing and delivering, in a professional, practical and customer-orientated manner, training and consulting services that focus on business activities in general or on specific areas of such activities and that are intended especially for the senior management and key employees of client companies.

Our approach to work is summed up by the Finnish concept "Ruutanaperä" which stands for

* Simplicity
* Practicality
* Valuing the concrete over the theoretical