Tiryns Investment & Holding Limited

Tiryns Investment & Holding Limited


  • Softwood sawmills
  • from 50 to 100 employees
  • Products

    Logs & Forestlands
    • Tree Seedlings
    • Forestland Lease
    • Standing timber
    • Sawlog
    • Veneer logs
    • Poles
    • Rounded beam
    Lumber, Sawn Timber
    • Flitch
    • Half-Edged Board
    • Lamella
    • Beam
    • Furring Strip Board
    • Lumber
    • Railroad ties
    • Joinery Board
    Glued Laminated Timber
    • Finger Joint Board
    • Duo-Laminated Beam
    • Trio-Laminated Beam
    • Straight Glulam Beam
    • Curved Glulam Beam
    • Formwork Beam
    • CLT Panel
    • Sandwich Panels
    Sawn timber
    • Pallet timber
    • Packaging timber
    Pallets, packaging
    • Wooden pallet
    • EPAL Euro pallet
    • US Standard Pallet
    • Chemical Pallet (CP)
    • Special use Pallet
    • One-way Pallet
    • Pallet for food
    • Pallet skid
    • Box pallets
    • Pallet collars
    • Presswood pallet
    • Pallet lid
    • Wooden crate
    • Wine box
    • Barrel
    • Wooden cable drum
    • Natural Veneer
    • Engineered Veneer
    • Edge Banding
    • Marquetry Veneer
    • Rotary Cut Veneer
    • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
    Wooden kitchen utensils
    • Wooden Drink Stirrers
    • Wood Cutting Boards

Location China 200062, Shanghai, Rm. 505, Blk. 2-D Yinghua International Plz., No.2899 West Guangfu Rd., Putuo Dist.

Tiryns Investment & holding Limited timber branch is a wood processing and wood trading company with headquarter in Shanghai. Annual revenue of Tiryns is over RMB500 million, the total industrial output value of more than RM300 million. 70% of main products are export to overseas market, like Europe and America. Now, there are 2 core business that timber branch involve in: timber trade and timber-based productions.

Lianyungang, as representative of processing enterprise, which is a leader of wood industrial enterprise in China. Export value of plywood is over USD20 million per year. Our processing plant introduction of world’s excellent equipment in order to supply real green products. We export plywood, solid floor to Europe and America and gain a very good reputation. Our company has special railway line and form a complete set of loading and unloading facilities, storage and transportation of 1 million square meters. The loading and unloading storage and transportation capacity has irreplaceable advantages compare with surrounding area. We establish long-term cooperative relations with US, Russia, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions suppliers. Mainly of our business is pinus sylvestris, larix gmelinii, cotton wood, birch, spruce, ect from Russia, which as a leading role in East China market.