About company

Founded 2016
from 10 to 50 employees


Russia 194044, Sankt-Peterburg, ul. Mendeleevskaya, d.6, lit. P

Trade profile

We sell

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Profiled timber, moldings

Wooden Cladding
Tongue & Groove Paneling
D Log Siding
Door casings
Profiled scantlings

Flooring and Exterior Decking

Solid wood flooring

Terrace board

We buy

Sawn and Sructural timber

Lumber, Sawn timber

Lumber, Sawnwood, Plank
Joinery lumber

More information

Our company is concentrating on planed timber of softwood (pine, spruce and larch).

We have our own factory in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

For today our main products are: planed timber, decking, facade board and other moldings of softwood.

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