Yubero Y Belmonte

Timber Agent for value added Forest Products for Spanish Market

About company

Agents, brokers
Founded 2003
from 1 to 10 employees


Spain 46133, Valencia, Meliana, Ramón Y Cajal 26, door 11

Trade profile

We sell

Moldings, Carpentry, Wooden houses

Solid wood components

Glued window scantlings
Glued door scantlings
Bent Wood Components
Kitchen door
Table top
Chair Legs
Table legs
Finished drawer
Stair treads
Wood Shingle
Bed slats

Profiled timber, moldings

Wooden Cladding
Tongue & Groove Paneling
D Log Siding
Door casings
Profiled scantlings

Composite wood products (WPC)

Floor underlayment
Decking WPC
Anti-slip decking
Exterior cladding
Interior wall panelling
Stair treads
Perforated panels, acoustic panels
Honeycomb core

Joinery product

Window shutters
Wood artworks
Wooden sticks
Сork stoppers
Wood straw
Door casings
Door jambs
Door core
Window scantlings
Door skin panels

Wood house

Timber frame house
Rounded log house
Square milled log house
Structural panel house
Garden Cabins

Flooring and Exterior Decking

Solid wood flooring

Solid Wood Decking
Terrace board

Multilayer flooring

1 Strip Flooring
3 Strip Flooring
Wear Layer for Multilayer Parquet

Laminate flooring

Laminated flooring

Exterior decking

Anti-slip decking

Wooden panels, Veneer


Interior Plywood
Exterior Plywood
Film faced plywood
Anti slip plywood
Flexible plywood
Special Plywood

Engineered panels

Particle board
OSB Panels
MDF Panels

Solid Wood Panels

1 Ply Solid Wood Panel

Furniture and Garden wood products

Garden products

Garden wood tile
Round Stick
Pergola, arbour
Flower pots, planters
Children garden games
Fences, screens
Swimming pools
Dog house
Garden bridges
Garden borders, edgings

More information

Lumber and Timber products expertise, professionalism.

Glulam specialist produced out of Whitewood, Redwood, Douglas and Larch. Standard sizes, qualities, uses, technic names BSH, BHB, DUO/TRIO, not laminated KVH and Cross Laminated Timber CLT/BSP

Extensive experience in Pine and Spruce machined for T&G, cladding, battens in diverse qualities, profiles and dimensions adapted to customer needs.

Familiar to dip and autoclave impregnation.

Knowledge about sawmills, glulam, impregnation, planning mills, profile boards, drying chambers, warehouses, laminated boards, window frames, flooring, furniture parts, joinery, door factories, frames, battens, decking, round posts and harvesting in forest.

Trips all around Spain mainland and archipelagos, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Austria, Czech, Croatia, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada and USA.

Familiar to softwoods regarding sizes, qualities and uses of Spruce, Pine, Larch and Douglas.

Experience selling African Tropical Hardwoods, like Iroko, Sapele, African Cedar, Mahogany, Ayous, Sipo, Abura, Framiré and others

Knowledge of North American Hardwoods such as: White Oak, Red Oak, Cherry, Ash, Soft and Hard Maple, Walnut, Poplar, Aspen, Red Elm, Red Alder.

Dealing with European Hardwoods, mainly White and Steamed Beech, Ash, Sycamore, Aspen, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, AD, KD, fresh cut.

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