Shanghai Yunan Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Yunan Co.,Ltd


  • Founded in 2000
  • Planing mill
  • from 200 to 500 employees

Location China 200051, Shanghai, No.18, Lane 1265, West ZhongShan Road, Shanghai, China

it is a professional wood company which involves in the produce, sales, importer and exporter. In America, we have big sawmill and Kiln drying systems, the factory covers 30000 square meters, and we owns 2000 acres forest, it can gurantee the stable material and high quality. In Italy, we have several big warehouse in four cities, it covers 95000 square meters, the annual sales volume reach 80000 m3. In recent year, we business developed in Asia, in order to develop the Asia market, we build the branch in China.

Our main business is the North America hardwood, Africa species, European species, laminated material, flooring, plywood and Southeast Asian wood. The species is North America red oak, white oak, yellow poplar, larch, red pine, Kempas, oak, teak and so on. Depending on our high quality and stable material, we establish good reputation in the world. The products export to Europe, America and Asia, we also build very good relationship with so many companies in the world.

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