January 24, 2017

Construction and Architecture 2017

Construction and Architecture 2017
24 January — January 27, 2017
Start 10:00, 24 January
End 18:00, 27 January
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Сибирь, МВДЦ , Красноярск, Россия
Красноярская ярмарка, ЗАО

Exhibition of construction and architectural projects, new technologies and equipment in the construction, building and finishing materials.

"ORDER AVATAR" - an annual competition of architectural projects.

Thematic sections:

Construction materials and equipment

Windows, glass facades

Gates and automation

Doors and locks

Engineering equipment

Decoration Materials

Tools & Fasteners

Paints and coatings

Floor coverings

Ceramics. sanitary engineering

Building Automation Systems


The property

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