February 7, 2019

Legno & Edilizia

“Legno&Edilizia” is the only trade fair in Italy that specializes in the use of wood in construction.
7 February — February 10, 2019
Start 10:00, 7 February
End 18:00, 10 February
Verona, Italy
Verona, Italy, Verona Exhibition Centre, Viale del Lavoro, 8
Piemmeti spa promozione manifestazioni tecniche

It has always been an outstanding event, as underlined by the approval rate among exhibitors at the last edition (with 72% positive ratings, 26% neutral and 1% negative) and the total of more than 20,000 registered visitors.

Using wood in buildings is a great opportunity for the construction industry in the future.

Wood is a natural, durable material and when it is used in buildings it offers benefits not only on the economic front but also in terms of security, health, sustainability and comfort.

Legno&Edilizia offers innovative solutions that can help professional figures, companies and technical staff from contractors to pursue business opportunities through the use of wood in construction.

The figures from the 10th edition

153 exhibitors from 13 different countries

25,000 m² of exhibition space

20,500 professional visitors (up 15% on the previous edition)

5 conventions, 26 seminars, 6 workshops and 3 meetings, with training credits awarded and more than 2,400 participants

Legno&Edilizia will take place at the same time as ECOHOUSE: an exhibition of materials and technologies for sustainability and energy saving in the construction industry. The selection on show will complement the traditional Legno&Edilizia range, thus providing visitors (such as designers, carpenters, construction companies, private individuals and fitters) with a comprehensive, exhaustive array of environmentally friendly, sustainable and economically beneficial living solutions.


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