March 15, 2018

Salon Bois Energie

The Salon Bois Energie brings together the most complete range of wood heating appliances, wood fuel types and wood fuel supply chains as can be found anywhere.
15 March — March 18, 2018
Start 14:47, 15 March
End 14:47, 18 March
Grenobl, France
Avenue d'Innsbruck, GRENOBLE, France, AlpExpo
+33(0)3 84 86 89 30

Be it for heating your house, your business or for your local community Europe's brightest talents can be found exhibiting their expertise, experience and modern wood heating equipment.

Appealing to professionals from all related disciplines and from across all of France, the extensive range of equipment and services displayed by the 300 plus exhibiting companies offers a broad European panoramic view of the entire sector (more than 20 European countries exhibit) encompassing wood energy for industrial, local authority as well as domestic users and suppliers.


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