Has the Russian Harvesting Business Reached Its Bottom?

Market researchJanuary 2010In Russian
Has the Russian Harvesting Business Reached Its Bottom?
Research language: English
Release date: May 22, 2009
Number of pages: about 25-30
Format: PDF
Price of the research study in Russian: 614 EUR 491.2 EUR
You save 122.8 EUR in case of payment before May 22
1. Results in brief
2. Q1 2009 industry indicators
     1. Timber harvesting indicators analysis: regional and federal profile
     2. Results of timber harvesting companies
     3. Products export
     4. Price changes analysis
     5. Development of major consuming industries
3. General trends
4. Regional profile
    1. North America
    2. Europe
    3. Asia
5. Forecast for the rest of the year

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