Softwood sawn timber export from Russia in Q1 2010

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Softwood sawn timber export from Russia in Q1 2010


Report language: Russian

Issue date: June 15, 2010 
Number of pages: 33

Number of drawings: 55, number of tables: 18

Format: PDF 

Price of the report in Russian: Eur 350


The data given in the report may be of particular interest to top managers and experts of the harvesting, woodworking and pulp & paper industry as well investment companies and banks.



1. General Information

2. Export of softwood sawn timber from Russia: volumes and prices

3. Regional pattern of Russian export: volumes and prices



United KingdomFranceFinlandItalyBelgiumMiddle East, Central Asia and AfricaEgypt

3.2.2 Iran

3.2.3 Syria

3.3 CIS

3.3.1 Uzbekistan

3.3.2 Azerbaidzhan

3.3.3 Tadzhikistan

3.3.4 Kazakhstan

3.4 Asia-Pacific

3.4.1 China

3.4.2 Japan

4. Largest Russian suppliers: geographic pattern, volumes, prices and delivery terms

4.1 Lesosibirsk processing mill

4.2 Novoeniseiskiy processing mill

4.3 UI LDZ

4.4 Lesozavod-25

4.5 Svir Timber

4.6 Onezhskiy processing mill

4.7 Lesozavod No. 3

4.8 Solombala processing mill

4.9 Syktyvkar processing mill

4.10 Arkhangelsk processing mill

4.11 Segezhskiy processing mill

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