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Древесные пеллеты Дуб 6 мм x 40 мм

US$131 / mt
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Древесные пеллеты Дуб 6 мм x 40 мм

US$131 / mt
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Supply volume 500 mt / once
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Wood pellets is a renewable resource, fuel that is already widely available in the world nowdsays. The sawdust or wood shavings is compressed under great pressure and forced through holes. This is a hot process and the natural ligin in the sawdust/wood shavings melts and binds the dust together, holding the pellet in shape and giving it that characteristic sheen on the outside.


6 mm
40 mm
Heating value
4800 kJ/kg
Moisture content
7 %
Ash content
0.07 %
Broken rate
15 %
Loading density
100 kg/m3
Pellet Certification
No certification currently
Chloride content
3 %
Sulfur content
0.03 %
Wood species
Country of origin


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Company from Kiev, Ukraine
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