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Древесный уголь 80 мм x 100 мм

Supplier: Everland Trade offer: #235292575

Древесный уголь 80 мм x 100 мм

Price negotiable
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Minimum order: 18000 kg.
Supply volume 500 000 kg /
Delivery from Rovno, Ukraine


CHARCOAL Made of 100% from hardwood. From sustainable well managed forestry. Fast and easy to ignite. Provides longer burning and glow phase. Ready for grilling in 20 minutes. Humidity, % 3-5, ash content, % 2-8, fix carbon content, % 83-90, fraction: 20-80mm, packaging: 2.5, 5 and 10kg, polypropylene bags. Standarts: DIN Plus, EN 1860-2


Ash content
2 %
Heating value
6510 kcal/kg
Moisture ≤
5 %
Loading density
300 kg/m3

Payment and delivery

Minimum order
18000 kg


Company from Rovno, Ukraine
Speaks languages: English, Russian

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