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Merbau Lumber AD 60 mm x 150 mm x 4000 mm

US$810 / m3
Supplier: Minahasa House Trade offer: #238180291

Merbau Lumber AD 60 mm x 150 mm x 4000 mm

US$810 / m3
pre-order, 30 days
Minimum order: 20 m3.
Supply volume 40 m3 / per month
Delivery from Manado, Indonesia


Merbau is the name of a tree that produces wood with high quality members of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) tribe. because of the very hard texture, this wood is also often referred to as ironwood. In Indonesia, merbau wood is known as quila, whereas in English mirabow, Maluku ulin, Malacca teak, and others are analyzed.

Merbau is a beautiful timber suitable for many purposes. It is a heavy hardwood and is usually used in premium joinery such as windows, solid panel doors, framing and weatherboarding. Merbau is also used for premium flooring and is suitable for light and heavy traffic. it is sought after because it has beautiful and very hard fibers. The uniqueness of merbau wood fiber is used by many people to beautify their homes. Usually merbau wood is used for making floors and walls of houses.


60 mm
150 mm
4000 mm
Drying methods
Air drying
Moisture ≤
25 %
Wood species
Country of origin

Payment and delivery

Minimum order
20 m3
Terms of payment
Down payment


Company from Manado, Indonesia
Speaks languages: English

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