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Log Sorting / Debarking Line Springer / Nicholson

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Log Sorting / Debarking Line Springer / Nicholson

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Used Log sorting and debarkingline

Manufacture by SPRINGER

(Length of sorting line 150 meters!)

Controlingsystem: SPRECHER SPRESCAN 2D L 8 last standart ! (ready for diff. Languages)

Sorting and debarking line for long and short logs, Log-length 2.5 to 15 m and 750 m Ø diameter, Calibrated control (Speaker mint condition !!)!
debarking VK 32 750mm , engine runs very quietly !! (as OPTION we can offer NICOLSON A8 27'')
Chop saw (circularsaw with stem fixation)
32 sorting boxes with rollover system!
The Springer log sortingline Consisting of:
• Task cross conveyor 4-holmig AA = 7000mm t = 160 mm • Task transverse conveyor for short timber 3 holmig
• singularizing cross conveyor
• master arbiter 2 piece
• Feeder debarking consisting of chain conveyor AA = 20 000 mm, • log catcher, platen or centering roller before debarking
• Rotor-centered barker Make MATELEST Type EMR 90 / S collection diameter 100-900 mm,
Main engine 46 kW
Centering, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, hydraulic aggregate 15 kW

• extract after debarking consisting of warp conveyor, AA = 17 000 mm, double-sided sliding roller, 2 x kicker!
• cross-transport device 7 - holmig
• Measuring and chain conveyor AA = to 16 000 mm,
masurement station, including weather saftybox, chain conveyor AA- 25 000mm, 2 x kicker!
• clamping device for roundwood
• Kappstrecke consisting of: circular saw blade diameter 2000mm, leght conveyor AA = 5500mm, fixing system for round logs after the crosscut saw, 2 kicker, lenght conveyor AA = 9000mm
• roundwood sorting conveyor AA = 6000 m log catcher, roll-over for long logs,
• kicker for 38 boxes (4 boxes assigned twice!)
• hydraulic system, drive elements, piping, complete central lubrication manufactor Neuson,
• Automatic 2 line high-pressure lubrication system for all slides and cleated
• Conventional and electronic control and cope with wired, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment!


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Minimum order
1 pcs
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Wien (Austria)
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Company from Wien (Austria)
Speaks languages: English, Deutsch

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Log Sorting / Debarking Line Springer / Nicholson
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