Paint Stripper
Paint Stripper
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Paint Stripper

Supplier: Dattashri Enterprises Trade offer: #233609017
Paint Stripper

Paint Stripper

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Supply volume 50 000 L / per month
Terms of delivery: Pune (India)


Bash is high power industrial paint stripper which is based on alkaline solvents and it suitable for any substrate including high strength steel and magnesium.

Bash paint stripper does not contain dimethyl chloride which is air pollutant and suspected carcinogenic and has very high vapour pressure.

Also does not contain any acids which may brittle high strength steel and magnesium.

Bash paint stripper is based on alkaline formulation with water removes multiple layers paint from any substrate.

This slow working paint stripper extended contact stripper remains active for 12 hours

One application of heavy duty bash paint stripper dissolves accumulations of most spray paints, lacquers, graffiti, epoxy paints; Pu coatings including water based coating systems and hard to strip coatings.


Heavy duty paint stripper

Not contains methylene chloride, chlorinated solvents

Water rinsable

Easy to apply

Gel consistency adheres to vertical surface.

Reduces spillage

Can be applied by brush, roller or spray

Ideal for most of surfaces

Eco friendly

Very low VOC limits


Payment and delivery

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Pune (India)


Company from Pune (India)
Speaks languages: English, Hindi

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