EcoZAP-38 Anti-Insect
Trade offer: #234224776

EcoZAP-38 Anti-Insect

Supplier: Exim Ukraine Group Trade offer: #234224776
EcoZAP-38 Anti-Insect

EcoZAP-38 Anti-Insect

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Terms of delivery: Lvov (Ukraine)


Insecticide for wood. A broad-spectrum concentrate used to eradicate all types of wood-destroying insects on damaged area and for preventative treatment of wood. Highly efficient agent containing insect-growth regulators which reliably eliminate insects at all levels of their growth and provide long-term protection of treated wood from further damaging. For interior and exterior use without direct prolonged contact with the ground.

Types of wood to treat:
- healthy wood (below the shipping moisture content 18-30%);
- wood damaged by insects.

Suitable for both soft- and hardwood

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Lvov (Lvov Region, Ukraine)


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EcoZAP-38 Anti-Insect
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Price negotiable
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