Italpress Fast
Italpress Fast
Trade offer: #OFS0007357

Italpress Fast

US$120 000 / pc.
Trade offer: #OFS0007357
Italpress Fast

Italpress Fast

US$120 000 / pc.
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Minimum order: 1 pc..
Supply volume 1 pc. / once (spot)
Terms of delivery: EXW Wien (Austria)


Complete automatic production line for DUO /TRIO / laminated and solid wood, maximum panel size 1350 mm X 6300 mm,
Maximum plate thickness 200 mm. The system has automatic loading and stacking. The glue application device is from Oest, and was newly delivered 5 years ago. REX HOMS 310 K with separating unit REX HOMS-330-K / Gimbal (A+D+FR+FL+2.HU/RWU+AZG)
Inlet table height 940 - 950 mm
Clamping width sawgun 310 mm
Planing width 330 mm
Working height 2-sided max. approx. 310 mm
Working height 4-sided max. approx. 130 mm
Saw blade diameter max. 250 mm
Drive motor A 11,00 kW
Drive motor D 18.50 kW
Drive motor FR 11,00 kW
Drive motor FL 15,00 kW
Drive motor adjustment 0.37 kW
Drive motor 2.HU/RWU 15.00 kW
Drive motor HU/RWU 0.25 kW
Drive motor feed 7.50 kW
Drive motor 0.75 kW


Year of manufacture

Payment and delivery

Terms of payment
L/C - Letter of Credit
Place of delivery
Wien (Austria)
Minimum order
1 pc.