Trade offer: #OFS0000832


US$116 000 / pc.
Trade offer: #OFS0000832


US$116 000 / pc.
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Bulldozer Zoomlion ZD160-3 manufactured using imported technology for use in particularly difficult circumstances. Engine under license Steyr, hydraulic control system and hydraulic control system ensures reliable operation on soils with low bearing capacity; Bulldozer ZD160-3 easily assembled and repaired thanks to modular design; Road wheels tracks are connected to the frame via elastic buffer, thereby increasing their durability, reduced the shaking machine on uneven ground, increasing the area of ​​the clutch caterpillars with the ground and the power of seizure under poor working conditions. Hexagon cabin area increases visibility and a special insulating material reduces noise and vibration. Ergonomically positioned the engine management system, the brake pedal stroke and allow the operator to easily and conveniently manage a bulldozer.

Feature bulldozer Zoomlion ZD160F-3 is its purpose - to work in the woods. Especially for these purposes bulldozer obtained the number of modifications, including:

Cab shield FOPS.Nadezhno zaschitaet cab bulldozer from external influence: branches, rocks, trees, and so on.

Engine preheater Webasto Thermo 90ST.

Complete protection dnyascha bulldozer. Protects the basic units and components from external influences.
Half-bog shoes 610 mm. Reduce the pressure on the ground, reducing the chance of getting stuck bulldozer on soft ground.
The Model
WD10G178E25 (on lits.Steyr)
Working volume
9.726 liters.
Rated power
131 kW / 1850 rev / min
768 Nm / 1150 rev / min
Specific fuel consumption
<215 g / kWh
Moving forward
First gear 0-3,8 km / h
Second gear 0-6,6 km / h
Third gear 0-10,6 km / h
Backward movement
First gear 0-4,9 km / h
Second gear 0-8,5 km / h
Third gear 0-13,6 km / h
2 steering wheels, 2 wheel drive, 12 of rollers, support rollers 4
Chain pitch
203 mm
Width of Shoe
610 mm
Number of track links
The length of the ground contact line
2430 mm
Unit ground pressure
65.8 kPa
Operating weight (without ripper)
17 300 kg
Working bodies
type - straight
W * H - 3410 * 1150 mm
height - 1095 mm
height penetration - - 454 mm
conventional volume of 4.5 cubic meters
Dimensions without ripper
Length x width x height, mm
Options: heater, straight blade with gidroperekosom, drills ripper, hexagonal cab with protection cabin FOPS (forest), Webasto Thermo 90ST.
Warranty: 12 months or 2,000 m / h.



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