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Chippers etc.

US$55 150 / pcs
Supplier: Bruks Group Trade offer: #237086016

Chippers etc.

US$55 150 / pcs
pre-order, 100 days
Supply volume 1 pcs / once (spot)
Terms of delivery: Hirtscheid (Germany)



The BRUKS Group is:

  • a global supplier of complete systems for wood-processing, bulk materials handling and bio-energy.
  • a holder of many international patents and trademarks.
  • a recognized leader in innovative materials handling systems for wood and bulk goods.
  • the owner of the trademark TUBULATOR with over 500 installations worldwide.
  • the world’s largest manufacturer of drum chippers, regarding both the number of chippers already delivered and the annual sales volume.
  • represented in more than 50 countries.



Payment and delivery

Place of delivery
Hirtscheid (Germany)


Company from Hirtscheid (Germany)
Speaks languages: English, Russian, Deutsch

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