Trade offer: #235097304

Veneer Peeling Line

US$142 272 / pcs
Trade offer: #235097304

Veneer Peeling Line

US$142 272 / pcs
in stock
Minimum order: 1 pcs.
Supply volume 5 pcs / once (spot)
Terms of delivery: Slivo Pole (Bulgaria)


Veneer peeling line including - debarking machine , veneer peleer with computer control , rotary cutting machine with computer control , automatic stacking machine , two floors mesh drying machine 26 meters. Can produce veneer sheets with dimensions min. 800x800 mm. up to 1350x1350 mm. and thikness from 0,4 to 2,1 mm. All machines are custom build in China , regarding EU standarts and have CE certificates. All machines are installed on working positions and can test on any time.


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Slivo Pole (Bulgaria)
Minimum order
1 pcs

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