Insolvenz/Liquidation - Holz Märkte News


KP Tissue Inc. and Kruger Products announced that it will shut down certain older and inefficient production assets including a Light Dry Crepe paper machine and six converting lines in early January, 2023 in Memphis, Tennessee. The 165 employees impacted by this decision.

The Board of Directors of Bitus AB, a subsidiary of Bergs, has decided to initiate negotiations with the unions to concentrate production to the units in Nybro and Fågelfors, Sweden. This means that production in Broakulla, in Emmaboda municipality, will be discontinued and 12 employees will be affected.

Rottneros has decided to discontinue the production of groundwood pulp in Rottneros Mill as there are no prospects for long-term sustainable profitability. The decision means that about 40 people will be made redundant.