Through the partnership Flootech will provide profound technical and commercial expertise to Valmet’s customers. The offering will include water treatment and recycling solutions, process water treatment, effluent treatment and reuse as well as sludge dewatering.

The production line for glued laminated timber (BSH) is expected to go into operation in September 2025. The first solid wood panels made of cross laminated timber – CLT for short – will be produced in Blumer Lehmann’s own wood industry gluing plant from around June 2026.

Atlas Engineered Products has engaged House of Design to supply and install truss manufacturing robotic automation equipment at locations in British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick over the next two years. The robotics installation is expected to have a total cost of just over $7 million for all three of these loc...

RemaSawco's part of the agreement concerns the licensing of RemaSawco's world-leading system for board scanning, RS-BoardScannerQ, which can be used in all parts of the board handling process at a sawmill.