The Lenzing Group’s preliminary, unaudited results for 2019 lead to a full-year revenue of Euro 2.11 billion (2018: Euro 2.18 billion), an EBITDA of Euro 327 million (2018: Euro 382 million) and a net profit of Euro 114 million (2018: Euro 148 million).

The latest US housing starts data showed continued improvement. Such a strong end to what turned out to be a pretty good year for North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices - after a terrifying start - bodes well for 2020.

Enviva's co-founder and executive vice president of sales and marketing Thomas Meth says the global production of pellets will grow to 57 million tons by 2028. This will be facilitated by growing demand in Asian markets - only in Japan, the demand for pellets will exceed 7.7 million tons per year by 2028.