Price Review Subscription Terms

This User Agreement is an addition to the General Terms and Conditions and governs the terms of subscription to monthly price reviews (hereinafter “Price Review”) provided by Lesprom Network, inc., a Delaware corporation (hereinafter Lesprom Network). By subscribing to the Price Review, you thereby confirm your agreement with the terms of this User Agreement. The terms “you” and “your” mean a person (individual, company, corporation, partnership, sole proprietor or government agency) that enters into this Agreement on Subscription with Lesprom Network.

1. Basic terms

1.1. Authorized user - a person with purchased access to Price Review.

1.2. Unauthorized user - a person without purchased access to Price Review, either with or without a registered account at

1.3.  Price Review - a market price report, which Lesprom Network prepares monthly and sends as a PDF file to the email of an Authorized user by the 21st of each month during the subscription period.

2. Rights and restrictions

2.1. Authorized users are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access Price Review. In particular, authorized users are granted the following rights:

2.1.1. The right to receive by email Price Review.

2.1.2.  The right to use the Price Review data for research purposes and the right to copy the data into user analytical documents, presentations and other similar materials, including archiving data for internal use;

2.1.3. The right to download or print Price Review.

2.2. Price Review is protected by copyright, intellectual property and other laws that prevent unauthorized access to and unauthorized use of them. An Unauthorized user is not permitted to access or use Price Review that requires a paid subscription. If you are an Unauthorized user, and you access and use Price Review that requires a paid subscription, your actions will be governed by this User Agreement. You will be held liable for unauthorized access and payment in accordance with the applicable prices indicated on

2.3. You may not sell or transfer any part of the Price Review to others in any medium. You may not modify any part of the Price Review.

2.4. All rights (including all copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights) in the Price Review in any medium are owned by Lesprom Network. Authorized and Unauthorized users do not acquire any proprietary rights to Price Review or copies thereof, except for the limited rights granted under this User Agreement.

2.5. It is prohibited to use Price Review in any way that violates the intellectual property rights or property interests of Lesprom Network or any third party. Your use of the Price Review must comply with the law.

2.6. You may not remove, modify, edit or hide the copyright notice or other notices contained in the Price Review.

2.7. The login credentials for the user account at required to access (receive by email) the Price Review may only be used by the user to whom they are assigned. These credentials cannot be shared or used by any other person.

2.8. You are responsible for any use of the Price Review accessed using the registration information given to you and will promptly notify Lesprom Network if you suspect that the login information for your account has been lost, stolen or misused.

2.9. Lesprom Network may make changes, improve, add, withdraw or otherwise change the Price Review without notice at any time and in any way to Authorized users. Such changes take effect immediately. Please read this User Agreement every time you visit Your use of the Price Review following the changes to the User Agreement will constitute your acceptance of the amended User Agreement.

3. Limitation of liability

3.1 . Lesprom Network, as well as any of its officers, directors, employees, contractors, agents and successors, are not liable for any loss, claim, liability or damage of any kind arising in any way as a result of:

3.1.1. Use of Price Review by the user;
3.1.4. Any delay in the release of the Price Review beyond the reasonable control of Lesprom Network;
3.1.5. The content, accuracy or completeness of the Price Review;
3.1.6. Any errors or omissions in the Price Review or any data included or not included therein.

3.2. Lesprom Network is not responsible for the temporary or permanent loss of access to the Price Review as a result of changes in the user's email address or contact information, intentionally or unintentionally.

3.3. You agree, at your own expense, to indemnify, protect and indemnify Lesprom Network, its directors, officers, employees, representatives and successors from any claims, damages, obligations, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney and expert fees arising from the use of the Price Review.

4. Cancellation policy

4.1. Unless services are cancelled by notice four (4) weeks prior to the end of a subscription, your subscription will automatically renew. The notice must be sent in writing with a signature to the email [email protected], indicating in the subject “ATTN: Customer Relations Dept”. No further justification for canceling the subscription is required. The subscription price will increase by five percent annually.

4.2. Any additional information or exceptions to this agreement will be in the Price Review descriptions on the website

5. Refund policy

5.1. Refund is only possible within 10 days from the date of payment, after this period the refund is not made. Refunds are made only if the following conditions are met:

5.1.1. Your account must be unused and no Price Review has been sent to your email;
5.1.2. You will provide Lesprom Network with a receipt or other proof of purchase.

5.2. Refunds are made after verification of the refund application and supporting documents. If the application is approved, the funds will be returned to your account within 14 days.

7. Additional terms

7.1. Lesprom Network may change this User Agreement, the price of the Price Review and the payment terms over time. Such changes will be effective immediately upon notification to you of the relevant changes, and if applicable, or if any changes are made to this User Agreement, such changes will only apply prospectively and simultaneously to all Lesprom Network customers.

7.2. This User Agreement may not be supplemented or otherwise modified by any user without a signed written document duly executed by authorized representatives of both parties. Any terms and conditions you suggest that supplement or conflict with this User Agreement are expressly rejected by Lesprom Network and will not be valid.

7.3. In the event of a user breach of these terms, Lesprom Network may temporarily suspend or terminate the offending party's access to Price Review without notice, in addition to using any other remedies available to Lesprom Network.

7.4. This User Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter of the agreement and supersedes any previous written or oral statements or suggestions regarding this subject matter.


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Updated September 01, 2021