The partnership aims to unlock new possibilities for customized dry molded fiber packaging.


PulPac partners with OptiPack

PulPac partners with OptiPack

Bild: PulPac

PulPac announces its collaboration with OptiPack, a leading provider of packaging prints and barrier solutions. The partnership aims to unlock new possibilities for customized Dry Molded Fiber packaging.

Colored and patterned tissue presents a unique opportunity for PulPac’s customers to differentiate their products in the market. Where traditional fiber-forming methods have difficulties, Dry Molded Fiber offers unparalleled flexibility in incorporating colors and patterns into packaging solutions. This capability not only enhances product aesthetics but also opens doors for new types of products that demand personalized branding elements.

As a partner, OptiPack brings expertise in developing tailored solutions that meet the diverse needs of today’s packaging industry, including regulatory compliances. With OptiPack’s flexibility and proficiency in print customization for the standard tissue used by PulPac today, customers can explore a myriad of options to enhance the visual appeal of their Dry Molded Fiber products, ranging from different prints to varying colors.

PulPac provides packaging producers with a manufacturing technology for sustainable packaging that meets industry needs for scalability, production rates, and cost efficiency.