Pino Pucci succeeds Brad Thorlakson as President and CEO.


Tolko Industries appoints Pino Pucci as President and CEO

Tolko Industries appoints Pino Pucci as President and CEO

Bild: Tolko Industries Ltd.

After 14 years as president and chief executive officer (CEO) of Tolko, and over 40 years with the company founded by his grandfather Harold, Brad Thorlakson has transitioned to the role of executive chair of the board. Further to Brad’s transition, Pino Pucci has assumed the role of president and CEO.

Pino joined Tolko in 2015 as vice president, sales, marketing and logistics, leading the implementation and growth of the company’s customer-centric distribution network across North America. With 35 years of industry experience, his innovative approach to leadership continues to inspire and challenge his teams to be their best and deliver results.

Bild: Pino Pucci / Tolko Industries Ltd.

Pino was appointed chief operating officer in September 2023. In that period, he prioritized listening and engaging with operational employees across the business, introducing Tolko’s new five-year strategy and becoming more familiar with Tolko’s production workforce, teams and assets. 

With manufacturing facilities in Western Canada and the Southern US, Tolko Industries Ltd. delivers incomparable customer value through its growing suite of sustainable wood products, integrated distribution network and value-engineering solutions.