Finnish forest giant rolls out Nature Management Services to enhance biodiversity through tailored assistance and subsidy applications.

Stehendes Holz

UPM introduces new biodiversity services for Finnish forest owners

UPM introduces new biodiversity services for Finnish forest owners

Bild: UPM

UPM has launched a novel service offering, dubbed UPM Nature Management Services, aimed at providing Finnish forest owners with innovative options to promote biodiversity. The service kicks off with support for environmental subsidy applications and controlled burning procedures, with additional services slated for release later this year.

The newly introduced services encompass assistance in applying for Metka, a forestry incentive scheme that compensates owners for conserving valuable habitats. UPM's role extends to determining habitat eligibility and handling the application process. Alongside, the company offers controlled burning to revive habitats for endangered species, previously harmed by effective fire suppression policies.

Krista Taimioja, UPM Forest's Product Group Manager, highlighted the initiative's broader impact. "As significant forest holders, our biodiversity efforts in our own territories have substantial effects. By extending these services to other forest owners, we amplify our impact on Finland’s biodiversity," she stated.

Furthermore, the UPM Kasvu partnership programme enhances these efforts by promoting biodiversity-centric forest management among its members. The programme now includes discussions on forest management goals and offers free forest planning services as incentives for joining or being part of the FSC forest certification.

Jarmo Hakala, UPM Forest's Customer Experience Manager, emphasized the importance of aligning with forest owners' objectives. "Enhancing dialogue about forest goals with our customers stands out as a priority for us. It's crucial for fostering informed and goal-oriented forest management," Hakala added.

Established in 1998, UPM’s biodiversity strategy has continually evolved, incorporating comprehensive forest management and collaboration with various stakeholders to bolster ecosystem health. In 2018, the company further committed to biodiversity improvements by tying them to its financial strategies, influencing its credit facilities' terms based on conservation and climate benchmarks.