The conference brings together industry experts to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities in the global softwood log and lumber markets, offering insights and networking opportunities for professionals across the sector.


Vancouver to host 14th annual Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference in June

Vancouver to host 14th annual Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference in June

Bild: Pan Pacific Vancouver, Vancouver, BC / Depositphotos

The 14th Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference is scheduled for June 5–6, 2024, at the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel, Vancouver, BC, Canada. This event is the wood product industry's foremost gathering, attracting a diverse group of analysts, producers, buyers, and traders to discuss current market dynamics and the outlook for 2024–25 amidst significant uncertainties.

Organized by Forest Economic Advisors (FEA), the conference is designed to offer valuable insights from FEA analysts and esteemed guest speakers, providing attendees with a competitive edge and the opportunity to network with industry leaders from around the globe.

The agenda is packed with presentations and panel discussions on a range of topics, including global log and lumber outlooks and emerging markets in South America, India, Vietnam, and the MENA region. The program also includes keynote addresses, networking breaks, and a reception to facilitate interaction among participants.

The conference will feature in-depth discussions on macroeconomic trends, lumber, and timber market insights, with specialized panels on North American lumber trends, pulp and residuals markets, the future of carbon credits in forestry and construction, and global timber trends. Attendees will also gain insights into regional market dynamics, log price differences, and the global outlook for panels.

The expanded lineup of 15 speakers includes:

  1. Brendan Lowney, Principal, Macroeconomics, FEA, who will provide a macroeconomic overview affecting the global wood markets.
  2. Paul Jannke, Principal, Lumber, FEA, will discuss current trends and future outlooks in the lumber market.
  3. Rocky Goodnow, Vice President, Timber, FEA, will offer insights into the timber market's dynamics and projections.
  4. Jane Guo, Editor, China Bulletin, FEA, will delve into the timber markets in India and Vietnam, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in these regions.
  5. Ernesto Wagner, Partner, FEA, will provide an analysis of South American timber markets, focusing on industry trends and drivers.
  6. Dennis Nielson, Director, DANA NZ Ltd., will explore the potential for North American woodchips in international markets.
  7. Mark Wishnie, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Impact Investment Management, BTG Pactual Timberland Investment Group (TIG), will discuss the role of carbon credits in forestry and construction.
  8. Alexei Bogatyrev, Founder & CEO, Lesprom Network, will provide insights into the European and Russian wood markets.
  9. Cece Chen, General Manager, Suifenhe Friendship Wood Industry Group, will discuss the dynamics of the Chinese market.
  10. Mark Smith and Robert Fouquet, Partners at FEA, will offer perspectives on the markets in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
  11. Chris Leftis, Director, Market Intelligence, Canfor, will provide insights into Canadian lumber market trends.
  12. Tom Merkert, Forest Products Trader, Capital Forest Products, will discuss trends in the North American market.
  13. Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, TimberMart-South, will provide an analysis of regional market dynamics and log price differences across the US South.
  14. Greg Lewis, Vice President, Wood Panels, FEA, will present the global panels outlook, covering plywood and OSB markets.
  15. Crystal Gauvin, serving as a moderator for key sessions, will facilitate discussions on global log and lumber outlooks and North American lumber trends.

The 14th Global Softwood Log & Lumber Conference promises to be an invaluable event for those in the wood product industry, offering a comprehensive overview of the sector's current state and future prospects. You can join the conference and register at a special early bird price here.