New Products

Ponsse launches a new loader product family for the most popular forwarder models. The new K101 and K111 loaders are the latest additions to the product family, also represented by the previously launched K121 loader.

The Frame and Crane care is a new extended protection for forest machines that have a Ponsse Active Care service agreement. The new Frame and Crane care is valid for machines that have service agreements and are manufactured starting from 2021.

Microtec presents a new generation of longitudinal scanners for sawmill, remanufacturing and second processing applications to the industry. The range will be defined by two product lines: the new Microtec Goldeneye scanners for softwood applications and the Woodeye scanners for hardwood applications.

Stora Enso is launching its latest lignin-based innovation, NeoLigno by Stora Enso. NeoLigno is a fully bio-based binder system without formaldehyde and isocyanates, thus, providing healthier indoor and working environments.

Valmet introduces the new Valmet Fiberline Analyzer to enable pulp makers to improve total pulp quality management, boost process stability and gain major savings in chemical costs from the digester blow line right up to final pulp storage.

Tangent announced the receipt of U.S. Patent No. 10,981,350 for its wood-grain polymer lumber, which Tangent brought to the market in 2016. This utility patent covers internal woodgraining for polymer lumber and sheet products sold in the US.

Kesla Oyj is introducing a bioenergy platform intended for use with a timber trailer. The platform can be used for transporting content such as energy wood, wood chips, feed or snow. The platform has a volume of 23 m3 and is equipped with a hydraulic tailgate and a tipper.

Smurfit Kappa has designed a new integrated packaging system following close collaboration with Signify, the world leader in connected LED lighting systems, by designing the BioShift UV-C Chamber Case, used to ship and transport UV-C lights that have significant antibacterial properties, which kill germs and viruses.

Klabin has launched a sackraft packaging solution lined with a sustainable resin barrier, which eliminates the use of plastic film in its composition. The efficiency of the new barrier blocks humidity from seeping through, thus extending the shelf life of the packaged product, besides preserving its characteristics and...

BTG introduces MACSash

BTG introduces MACSash, its solution to maximize sheet filler level while ensuring product quality. MACSash is a combination of advanced process control, innovative measurements, and engineering services. It permits to increase the filler level by at least 5-10%, leading to substantial savings in the mill.