The Estonian wood industry company Kaamos Timber entered into a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) whose support will be used to establish a new sawmill owned by the Estonian company near the city of Mozyr in Belarus.

Segezha Group put into operation scarfing line at its Sokol plant in the Vologda region, Russia. The line capacity is 25 m3 of laminated products per hour. As a result, the output of laminated products at Sokol WP will increase by 20%, up to 100 thousand cubic meters per annum.

U.S. boxboard production in June 2020 decreased 1% compared to June 2019. It was down 1% when compared to the same six months of 2019. The boxboard operating rate was 93%, up 1.1 points from June 2019 and up 0.9 points year-to-date.

U.S. containerboard production in June increased 1% compared to June 2019. It was up 5% when compared to the same six months of 2019. June 2020 production of containerboard for export increased 5% compared to the same month last year; it was up 34% year-to-date.

For the first two months of 2020 softwood lumber production in the US continued improvements compared to one-year-ago, to increase even more. For January and February 2020 US lumber production volume increased by +5% to 6,163 mfbm compared to the first two months of 2019 when it was 5,862 mfbm.

Setra is expanding its range of construction timber with a major investment in new planed products. Production will soon begin at the new planing mill in Hasselfors, Sweden. The goal is to manufacture around 200,000 m3 of planed products per year in Hasselfors.

Arkhbum JSC started the implementation of the first stage of the investment project in the Volga Federal District - the construction of a new corrugated board plant in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Due to the force majeure situation associated with the pandemic, the company expects to launch a new corrugated plant in March 2021.

Koskisen group is planning an extensive sawmill investment in Järvelä, Finland. The planned investment is valued at an estimated Euro 35–40 million. The intention is to make the investment decision during 2020, and the new mill would start operations in 2022.

As part of its annual reforestation efforts in 2020, Ilim Group will plant trees in an area covering 55,000 ha in the Irkutsk and Arkhangelsk regions, Russia, using over 6.5 million seedlings and 4 tons of pine and spruce tree seeds.

Segezha Group's Vyatka plywood mill in Kirov, Russia is successfully implementing methods of lean production and efficiency improvement; working groups are being established to identify production-related problems and ways to tackle them.

Norske Skog will take a major step in its continued transformation towards a growing and high-margin business by converting two newsprint paper machines into renewable containerboard production. The conversions at Golbey and Bruck will introduce 765,000 tonnes of competitive containerboard capacity to meet the growing ...

U.S. total boxboard production in May 2020 increased 2% compared to May 2019. It was down 1% when compared to the same five months of 2019. The boxboard operating rate was 96.6%, up 5.3 points from May 2019 and up 0.9 points year-to-date.

In Q1 2020, branch of Segezha Packaging LLC, asset of Segezha Group in Salsk, Rostov region, Russia doubled its production output. The mill produced 37.5 million industrial sacks and 3.8 million consumer bags, versus 18.9 million and 2.06 million in the same period of the previous year, respectively.